ABOUT   Kaz Will

Kaz Will is a 18 year old singer-songwriter/actor and a social media Influencer, signed to Luber Roklin Entertainment, HRI and Abrams Artist Agency. Raised in Elizabeth/Newark, New Jersey, he has always been fascinated with music and decided to pursue his career in the entertainment industry at the young age of thirteen. Initially writing and recording songs on his phone, in 2016 he began recording with Rich Ahee, a veteran music producer who has worked with such talent as Masta Ace and Eminem. Kaz's songwriting and producing talent has been mentored by Grammy Award winning writer Aleese Simmons.

Kaz Will "as a content creator and singer/songwriter I feel it's important for me to be me and to always stay authentic in the creative process, whether I'm creating video content, writing music for myself or another artist".